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We spent a good few hours drinking, chatting and laughing
10 Oct

We spent a good few hours drinking, chatting and laughing

So, on Saturday night, after a delicious veggie biryani and raitha, eight of us set out for an evening at the night market, stopping off en route to buy some alcohol. Since security is tight, we had to finished the drinks before entering. I could easily have spent a fortune on Aladdin pants and accessories, but chose to spend wisely at the bar, instead.

We spent a good few hours drinking, chatting and laughing (and checking the footie to see Liverpool spanking Newcastle!), then, in the early hours, Adolfo negotiated with a taxi driver to take eight of us back for 300 Rupees. The lads headed on to check out a bar named Curly’s and us girls got out at the guest house.

I pottered around in my room for a while, then decided to crash. Upon entering the bathroom to brush my teeth, something caught my eye. Suddenly, whatever it was jumped, bounced off the wall, zipped past me and went behind the cabinet in my room. I screamed and ran outside, where I was extremely relieved to see Mariana and Rosie still up. I begged them to come help me catch what I had by now dubbed

the ‘mutant cockroach’, and they did. They asked me if it was a frog, as frogs are common in the bathrooms at Evershine, but given the speed it moved at, I was sure it wasn’t. We spent some time cautiously moving the wooden cabinet, and I darted across the room with every shift. After about ten minutes, I could see something, but not clearly enough to know what it was. I shone the torch and Mariana took a look. Her response was simple: “It’s a frog.” and with that, they both left, laughing tiredly while I apologised profusely and thanked them for their help. Knowing I had a mutant cockroach in my room would have seen me creeping into someone else’s bed for the night; the frog, however, was more than welcome. And so, I went to bed.

We eventually settled on a place and ordered lunch. My fried eggs and buttered toast filled a hole but were far from decent, and

I was disgusted to find a giant ant in my watermelon juice. Needless to say, I had them knock that off the bill!

Following lunch, the lads went back and I wandered along to Cafe Lilliput where I’d arranged to meet Ebony on the beach. Well, I couldn’t see her, so decided to chill in the cafe, where I bumped into Patrick. We ordered drinks and he, a sandwich. We waited. We enquired about our order. We waited some more. We enquired again. Then, just as we were about to leave (about 45 minutes later) our drinks arrived. Patrick waited another 15 minutes for his sandwich. During our wait, we watched a fan spark and die, and a guy climb up and attempt to repair it with a set of pliers. We expected some electric shock entertainment, but they were sensible enough to cut off the power first.

We rode back to Evershine on Patrick’s scooter, and I kicked myself for not having hired one. Without wanting to sound cliche, nothing screams freedom like whizzing through new places with the wind whipping through your hair.

In the evening, Ebony, Paul and I (and later, everyone else from

Evershine) went to Sea Queen restaurant, where they were showing Bridesmaids on the big screen. I’ve been meaning to watch it for years, and I’m glad I finally did. It was much sadder than i thought it’d be, though! Anyway, I ordered an amazing veggie lasagne, and washed it down with a chocolate milkshake. Then we stopped off at Amul ice cream parlour on the way back. I regretted the overload of dairy sometime later, but it was definitely worth it at the time.

Why was I so hasty to book my onward flight? I love kicking it with these guys! Such a fab crowd and fond memories. Still, the adventure continues….

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